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Why Inspect Your Safety Gear?

With all of the admin work you already do for your business, and all the responsibilities cleaners have on job sites, gear inspection can easily feel like just another chore. But, there are good reasons to inspect your safety gear.

The main reason to inspect is, of course, safety. “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) exists to keep you safe, and if there’s a weak point in the gear, it needs to be identified by inspection before putting it into service,” explained Bill Moor from Petzl. If you plan to trust your life or your employee’s life to a piece of equipment, you want to make sure that it’s operating correctly. The consequences of damaged or worn equipment could be injury or death.

You should also inspect your gear to help mitigate liability and costs. Safety incidents can be extremely costly in lost time, lowered employee trust, bad PR, and fines. OSHA also mandates that “The rope descent system is inspected at the start of each work shift that it is to be used,” (OSHA 1910.27 (b)(2)(iv)). And, having equipment fail inspection without having a replacement ready can lead to lost time on jobs. Regular inspections help you spot equipment that may be nearing end-of-life, allowing you to plan for replacement.

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