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Freshly cleaned windows can brighten a home and lift your mood. But you don’t need to scrub and strain to do it. The easiest (and most fun) way to get results is with a window vacuum cleaner, which promises sparkling clean windows and a streak-free finish every time. Just spray on your cleaning solution and let the vacuum’s squeegee head do the work. This method of cleaning is also eco-friendly because there’s no need to use rolls of paper towels to clear your windows — and you won’t be left with lint particles sticking to the glass.

From robotic window vacuum cleaners designed to automatically clean surfaces without supervision to models with extendable handles that allow users to reach up high, these devices are perfect for dwellings with many windows or homeowners who are short on time. A window vacuum cleaner is also an excellent option for pet owners whose windows get grimy and smudged with moisture from wet dog noses.

Think a window vacuum cleaner may be just what your home needs? Read our shopping guide for carefully researched recommendations and a full rundown of features and tips.

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