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7 Tricks For Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Most people have no idea on how to clean windows streak free. This is a daunting task because getting rid of those random lines is difficult. However, it is still possible to achieve clear windows with a perfect outside view if you master a few tricks. Below are the items you need and how you should clean them.

1. Vinegar

White vinegar works perfectly and saves you time in cleaning windows. Mix it with water at let the mixture be 50-50 solution. Don’t be worried about the smell of vinegar because it disappears quickly leaving a clear window.

2. Distilled water

Minerals in hard water leave streaks in windows. If your tap water is hard, it might be difficult to get rid of streaky windows. Try using distilled water for an excellent outcome.

3. Don't use soap

While soap might be the best cleaning detergent, it doesn’t work well in window cleaning. If you must use it, just use it partially. The water you use to mix soap with should not have a soapy foam on top. Even if cleanser removes the grease, soap streaks might still be left behind.

4. Use a Squeegee

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