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5 Tips To Help Build A Successful Small Business Brand

Your brand is your company in a snapshot. It should be different but tasteful, simple, yet unique. What do you think your branding says about you? Do you think others perceive your brand in the same way? There’s a lot of mystique regarding what branding actually is and how exactly to develop it. Here are abc’s top five tips on building your small business brand.

Name, logo, and colors

Some things you’ve probably already chosen are your company’s name and logo. These are what immediately differentiate you from the “Bucket-Bob’s” of the industry (No offense to Bob). This term refers to the generic, usually one-person window cleaning business. There is nothing wrong with this type of company, and it probably makes up the largest percentage of window cleaners. Standing out in the crowd and differentiating yourself from “Bucket Bob” helps to promote your brand.


Over the past five years, I’ve heard all sorts of company names. The most popular names are usually a combination of words like clear, crystal, beautiful, view, sunshine, sparkling, etc. All great words with which to associate a window cleaning company. Other company names I’ve heard include words like ninja, genie, fish, or even monkey. These are images we associate with and can easily remember. One of my favorite unique names is Aardvark Window Cleaning. Believe it or not, there are a few of them across the US. Once I heard that name, I never forgot it!


Your logo also says a lot about your business, and unlike your business name, it’s a lot easier to change and improve after you are up and running:

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